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(yet another) sunday reading reflects the mood of a sunday afternoon in which, finally, summer seemed to have been outsmarted and left behind our shoulders.

i wrote down some thoughts, some words, a few lines on the mood and atmosphere of the day; when i practised my reading of it, well past the tenth repetition i still did not like the recording i was listening to: pronounciation, accent, inflection, tempo, rhythm, the way each word fell within each sentence... i did not like any of this, and couldn't pin it to anything more specific than "i just don't".

funny, isn't it, how we believe our thoughts have all the ingredients needed to sound right, as if our favourite actor was reciting them in a play, or a movie, to just find out that we don't stand a chance to become our favourite actor, right the moment we hit PLAY?

i've dressed it, then, with what remained after a scissors' dance, like in my past, back in the days of 1/4" tape on 2-track open-reel machines: splice practically random, mark, re-glue them all to the track, until what you grasp here and there are but a few words in the phrase, amidst a sea of other audible incidents.

and when i finally got the best of me and my mediocre reading ability, and it sure helps not taking oneself's too seriously, i decided to wash my voice track with a broth of ham radio ops' conversations from across the world, them and the noise that carries them across the ionosphere when you try to decrypt the airwaves.

as is often the case, there's no hidden agenda, or an agenda in plain sight, either, what comes off theodor wilhelm zanetti's afternoon is improvised in its whole (musically speaking) and tentatively resolved (in audio- and production terms). it means i don't have a name to call this stuff other that the title of the track itself.


released September 20, 2016
picture with kind and generous permission from the high and mighty grndzro (



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theodor wilhelm zanetti Ferrara, Italy

theodor wilhelm zanetti is publishing here a selection of own cuts from guitar loops, noise experiments and sonic pictures made with guitar or bass, a few stomp-box effects, and a cheap compact mixer.

anything that the knowledgeable guitarist proudly hones in his or her own toolbox, is what theodor has forgotten long ago (and doesn't know where at, for what it matters).
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