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another one of twz guitar tracks, freshly played and looped, with yet again the usual (sound) tracts [of lo-fi delays, lower octave / lower fifth (whirring) machines and a vast, sweeping reverb] this time is the object of a patiently devised manipulation process.

brown noise is injected along the guitar track, but it is not routed through the delays, while its level is manually enveloped to mimick the guitar track dynamic profile.

in the same fashion, there's a sine signal centered two octaves down the drone key, added after noise and guitar track, fading in and out with a gentle slope to avoid it gets the scene.

a note on the picture that's accompanying shy(ning): it's a grndzro's (as only the best ones in my reserve), but despite it's appearance, it's a photograph, a real one, not a drawing. it's a crown of sorts, framing the top of a building in dresden, local pale blue sky behind, full summer. and it shines, i believe.

sunday night opens onto another monday morning full of yawns, i'm afraid. and i just remembered why i hoped to ignore sound design and audio processing of twz tracks right from the start: i don't have a limit to the number of replays i can take until it sounds as i've figured in my mind and in my ears.

hope this one, too, makes for a useful background to your activities. feel free to share your view and opinion on it, as usual: it's most welcome food for (the author's) thought.

thank you for stopping by, thank you for reading, thank you for listening.


released August 8, 2016



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theodor wilhelm zanetti Ferrara, Italy

theodor wilhelm zanetti is publishing here a selection of own cuts from guitar loops, noise experiments and sonic pictures made with guitar or bass, a few stomp-box effects, and a cheap compact mixer.

anything that the knowledgeable guitarist proudly hones in his or her own toolbox, is what theodor has forgotten long ago (and doesn't know where at, for what it matters).
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