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on some lucky sundays i can search for peace, and find it playing. if this happens, you'll likely to find a track here.

not this weekend, though: you've found a track, if you're reading this, but i haven't found peace, as there's still a whole mess of steel wire and rope and string to untangle, and i'm far from being able to. it doesn't mean music didn't heal my spirit at least a tiny bit, so why not sharing it with you, even if it did not unknot my burden?

mag_matic came to mind as a title after the earthquake that shook central Italy a few weeks ago. i've played mag_matic with a travel guitar that i just realized has never appeared on twz works, because it's been around for a year or so, and i only started to enjoy it after i've strung it with really high-gauged strings and tuned so low it's almost... mag_matic?

it's a travel guitar of the "fake-acoustic" variety, but does its job nice and easy, plays like butter, and sounds much truer than any "normal" piezo acoustic i've ever tried, with its "microphone simulation" processing. it's made by yamaha with model name slg-200s (for "steel" string, there's a -n version for "nylon", too).

it's quite short in scale, 634 mm instead of the usual 648 mm of telecaster-like lenght, and with .014-.053 thomastik bebop roundwounds it does a nice job tuned b to b like my baritones, but with an easier reach because of its short scale, quite more comfortable then my steinberger and ibanez baritones.

picture (you hear the bells?) courtesy of the high and mighty grndzro, finally providing a steady flow of candidates for the zanetti publishing empire.

thank you for stopping by, thank you for reading, thank you for listening.


released September 11, 2016



all rights reserved


theodor wilhelm zanetti Ferrara, Italy

theodor wilhelm zanetti is publishing here a selection of own cuts from guitar loops, noise experiments and sonic pictures made with guitar or bass, a few stomp-box effects, and a cheap compact mixer.

anything that the knowledgeable guitarist proudly hones in his or her own toolbox, is what theodor has forgotten long ago (and doesn't know where at, for what it matters).
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