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some of you might have noticed a change in title, some of you might have noticed a different texture to the track, straight from the opening onset, and some may have noticed both. you would all be right, and you would all be alright.

i swapped files with the version i kept working on, after i trimmed and polished levels and pans, and the degree of debris and grit received from the airwaves. it became, as is often the case, a compulsive process (of the ossessed kind).

the serenade had derailed, but serenella had been detained for all that time in between the releases (from "circolo arci serenella", a bar out there in the countryside where retired farmers used to play cards often for days in a row).

no matter how i tweaked the vocoder settings on the original opening, i still did not like it, so i removed it and replaced with a different cue from the radio files.
are there any relays? yes, in the power-on button of my ad/da converter here aside, it clicks when you switch it on, and when you switch it off.

it was meant to be a serenade, a 60bpm serenade to tell you the whole story, and a serenade in its literary meaning, something composed to celebrate the evening, the daylight fading into the dark and all.

it just went another way.
the never ending quest for "it would be better if i'd change it here. and there. and there again" got the best of me, and the evening is long gone, it's almost morning and i've decided to call it a day, and a night.

i'm not even sure derailed_serenade ended up being what i believe it is, sore eyes, aching ears and all... but i just can't wait for breakfast with an unfinished track, and a track is only a track, no matter how helplessly i lose myself in it any time i just have a chance to jot something on (audio) paper.

the opening lines read like:

it has the full resonance of an unpainted body
it is being hit bare-handed,
knuckles beating its surface,
energy dispersing from the point of impact
all through the neck,
where the strings entangle themselves
to choke its scream
it's my electric

which describes exactly how the track's been played, hitting the body with my knuckles, holding the guitar up in the air, plugged in, open chain, with a serving of vocoder on the side, and not in its most common setting. say hi to the usual crew of ham radio ops, my own personal choir.

what can it still be added, to make this even better than the real thing?
well, how about stealing a picture from grndzro? he's sound asleep, wouldn't dare waking him for such a trivial question like "can i use this?".

let's see how it plays tomorrow, if i still see some sense in it.
not that you can judge a serenade by listening to it in the morning... but it came out really odd and uneven, it might just serve... a different purpose.

thank you for stopping by. thank you for reading me here. thank you for listening to derailed_serenade.


released December 21, 2016



all rights reserved


theodor wilhelm zanetti Ferrara, Italy

theodor wilhelm zanetti is publishing here a selection of own cuts from guitar loops, noise experiments and sonic pictures made with guitar or bass, a few stomp-box effects, and a cheap compact mixer.

anything that the knowledgeable guitarist proudly hones in his or her own toolbox, is what theodor has forgotten long ago (and doesn't know where at, for what it matters).
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